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In Episode 3, The Crowd & The Cloud finds out how asthma patients lives are made easier through technology. Scroll down to learn more about the people and projects featured in this segment.

Propeller Health

Crowdsource data on asthma symptoms.

Living with asthma can be tough, but this crowdsourcing project aims to even the battle field. Propeller Health uses sensors, mobile apps and mapping services to deliver better quality of life for individuals with chronic respiratory disease. Propeller Health develops technology for patients and physicians to better understand asthma. With millions of victims suffering from this disease in the U.S. alone, its goal is to ameliorate symptoms and reduce hospitalizations and ER visits. The program already has over 10,000 users! The system includes a sensor that attaches to a rescue inhaler or controller medications combined with an app for patients to better manage their condition.

Propeller Health let’s its participants gain insights into their triggers, increase management of asthma symptoms, and stay connected to their physicians. Once the sensor is attached to an inhaler, the Propeller system does the rest! They’ve been successful in reducing asthma attacks by 79%, increased “doses taken on schedule” by 50%, and increased symptom-free days by 50%. It’s used in more than 45 programs across the US, and in an analysis of 330 patients, Propeller Health has shown a 100% reduction in asthma-related hospitalizations. The company also launched the first predictive tool for asthma risk based on environment, using results from a peer-review publication. As noted in C&C program 3 by Ted Smith, formerly Chief of Innovation of the City of Louisville, better air quality is also something cities increasingly care about since it improves their economic competitiveness and attracts new residents and companies, bringing much-needed jobs.

Propeller Health is backed by Safeguard Scientifics, Social Capital, California HealthCare Foundation and other investors, and is now working with organizations such as Dignity Health, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, Amerigroup Florida and the City of Louisville. Company recognition includes the TEDMED Innovation Showcase, White House Champion of Change and Bluetooth Breakthrough Product awards. Propeller has also been featured in The Economist, Washington Post, Fast Company, Wired and Scientific American.

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AIR Louisville

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