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#CrowdCloudLIVE After each episode's WORLD premiere in April, show host, producer, and people seen on the show participated in post-premiere roundtable discussions. Viewers like you listened in, asked questions, and were able to dive deeper into the power of Citizen Science.

Watch the recorded Facebook Live events now. Discover more about how Citizen Science is revolutionizing the ways we gather, analyze, and utilize the data that fuels scientific research, discovery, and community action.

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Lake Observer
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Monitor water quality in lakes and watersheds worldwide.

Wherever you are in the world, it’s likely that you’re not far from a lake, river, stream, wetland or other body of water. It’s also likely that you have access to a smartphone! Use the Lake Observer mobile app, designed by the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) to record water quality observations around you. You can record water temperature, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, and Secchi depth (a measure of water’s clarity), as well as weather, ice cover, and aquatic vegetation (macrophytes, algae, metaphyton). The Lake Observer app is part of a crowdsourcing platform to facilitate the collection and sharing of water-related information across the globe, and allows for easy submission of geo-referenced data, using a smartphone or tablet.