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Fire Monitoring
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Use a remote network of crowdsourced images to create time lapses of fire hazards.

This project will get your fire burning for citizen science, and its as easy as snapping a photo. Wildfires are serious natural hazards that often burn the same areas. The guys from Nerds for Nature were inspired by the Monitor Change project, which creates crowd-sourced time-lapses of environmental change. Their idea has a hot twist on this remote sensor network: fire monitoring. You can do one of two things. If you’re ambitious, you can put up a sign asking people to set their cameras or phones in an angle bracket, take a photo, and post it with a social media hashtag. Or, if you don’t have as much time, you can find one of these already established sites and simply snap a photo from the angle bracket! They collect the photos and create timelapse views of the impacts of fire over time. IMPORTANT NOTE: You are NOT taking pictures of live fire events, only monitoring the environment as it recovers from a past fire. We do not recommend you ever put yourself in harm’s way! They have two fire monitoring projects as of right now, in Stanislaus National Forest and Mount Diablo. Simply visit their website to get the locations of where to place your phone or camera, and get out there!