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#CrowdCloudLIVE After each episode's WORLD premiere in April, show host, producer, and people seen on the show participated in post-premiere roundtable discussions. Viewers like you listened in, asked questions, and were able to dive deeper into the power of Citizen Science.

Watch the recorded Facebook Live events now. Discover more about how Citizen Science is revolutionizing the ways we gather, analyze, and utilize the data that fuels scientific research, discovery, and community action.

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Discover new RNA designs through online gaming.

This is your chance to stop the zombie apocalypse, all you have to do is play a game. No self-sustaining organism get’s made without RNA, and in EteRNA, a Tetris-like citizen science game, you can have fun manipulating nucleotides for science. It was developed by scientists at Stanford and Carnegie Mellon universities, who use the designs created by players to decipher how real RNA works. Once you get good enough at the game, you join the elite players and compete for a unique prize: the chance to have your RNA designs synthesized in an RNA lab at Stanford. The scientists won’t really know what the RNA will do until it’s made; will your design save humanity?