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#CrowdCloudLIVE After each episode's WORLD premiere in April, show host, producer, and people seen on the show participated in post-premiere roundtable discussions. Viewers like you listened in, asked questions, and were able to dive deeper into the power of Citizen Science.

Watch the recorded Facebook Live events now. Discover more about how Citizen Science is revolutionizing the ways we gather, analyze, and utilize the data that fuels scientific research, discovery, and community action.

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Gather information on the population status of bees with photographs.

There are over 5,000 species of bees in the Apidae family, including honey and bumble bees, but their populations are in decline. BeeSpotter needs volunteers to go outside and capture quality photos of bees so researchers at the University of Illinois can better understand bee demographics in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana and Ohio. Your photos become part of a nationwide effort to gather baseline data on the status of these important pollinators. The project is designed to educate the public about pollinators by engaging citizen scientists in a data collection effort of great importance. The goal is to increase public awareness of pollinator diversity, and to enhance appreciation for pollination as an ecosystem service. By using photography instead of the traditional entomological method of “net, pin, and spreading board,” bee diversity and population data is preserved.