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GLOBE: Mosquito Larvae Protocol
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To sample, identify and count the number of mosquito larvae at the genus or species level in your study site or community.

GLOBE Mosquito Larvae Protocol is a project for students, that may expand to adults and other volunteers, to learn how to identify mosquito larvae in their community or at a study site. Students will collect, sort, identify, and count the number of mosquito larvae they find in a sample of water. They can learn how to use a variety of sampling strategies depending on the types of mosquito larval habitats found in their particular study area. Through sampling, student volunteers can learn to identify mosquito larvae to either the genus or species level. By performing this kind of citizen science, young people can begin to understand the importance of representative sampling in scientific procedures, along with the relationship between species, climate, and mosquito-borne diseases. By collaborating with GLOBE through school, students can report their data online and share their observations and findings with real scientists.
Image Credit: James Gathany, CDC