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#CrowdCloudLIVE After each episode's WORLD premiere in April, show host, producer, and people seen on the show participated in post-premiere roundtable discussions. Viewers like you listened in, asked questions, and were able to dive deeper into the power of Citizen Science.

Watch the recorded Facebook Live events now. Discover more about how Citizen Science is revolutionizing the ways we gather, analyze, and utilize the data that fuels scientific research, discovery, and community action.

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EPA Air Sensor Toolbox
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Measure and plot air pollution on a map using small sensors

The EPA provides a toolbox for citizen scientists to go out and monitor the air quality in their neighborhood with the accuracy of a professional. The website gives information on how to use air sensors with a guidebook to EPA-approved devices and even performance evaluations so you choose which one works best for you. Once you’ve collected data, you can plot it on a map, as well as read about what your air sensor readings actually mean. The EPA aims to empower citizens by providing a means to report and monitor air pollution, as well as inform the public about air quality and what they’re doing about it.